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From 2014 — Over the Moon Farm meat wins for the second year at the Boalsburg Farmers Market Golden Basket Chef Competition this time for Chef Quintin Wicks!

“Chicken under a brick” by Revival Kitchen at the Boalsburg Farmers Market Golden Basket Chef competition on Tuesday. The chicken was from Over the Moon Farm with herbs from chef Quintin Wicks’ fathers garden.

At the Boalsburg Market “Golden Basket” Chef Cook-Off contest, last year our ground pork won in  Chef Erin’s Bahn Mi (click here for a super scrumptuous recipe!!) and this year, it was our chicken in Chef Quintin Wicks!

From the article in the Centre Daily Times by Anne Quinn Corr:

“Quintin Wicks, of Revival Kitchen in Reedsville, is the new chef on the chopping block in central Pennsylvania and he seemed to bring a big proportion of that small town along with him for the contest to cheer him on. Wicks prepared a plump chicken from Over the Moon Farm by cooking it under a brick after he marinated it in a medley of herbs from his father’s garden along with Hostetler’s Naturals fresh new garlic.

The Panzanella Salad on the side was made with sourdough from Sweet Sunrise Bakery and tomatoes from a number of local farms. Jade FamilyFarm arugula provided some bite, as did the Alpha & Omega cheese from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, a feta-style salty cheese made from raw cow’s milk. Wicks served side dishes of beets and carrots — but used three different kinds of beets from three local farms that he roasted with coffee from Standing Stone Coffee in Huntingdon. Red and gold beets were topped with Chioggia Beet Chips from Village Acres and house cultured cream and hazelnuts. Wedges of a coffee-scented pizelle garnished the dish.

The carrots were equally exalted by Wicks’ creative play; Jade Farm rainbow carrots were flavored with dill and parsley and garnished with hemp seed and puffed spelt from Hostetler’s Naturals, a major provider of produce for the restaurant that celebrates its first anniversary this month.

And the winner is: Revival Kitchen. The Golden Basket is headed over the mountain to Reedsville for a full year of bragging rights. The judges’ decision was unanimous, though there was some talk about all the entries this year being worthy of the award since so many of the  chefs used the produce from the market in its peak state. But there is only one chef who makes each dish at his restaurant a celebration of the very best of the bountiful central Pennsylvania farms on a daily basis and that chef is Wicks and that restaurant is Revival Kitchen. He’s a natural at the Local Foods Week challenge; he does that every single day.”

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