Farm Stays

The Cottage at Over the Moon Farm

Do YOU need a simple little country getaway in a safe, beautiful place  . . .  . on a small working farm  . . . .with lots of outdoor activity options and even a local brew pub close by?

The Cottage at Over the Moon Farm may be just the place you are looking for. Our farm is in beautiful central Pennsylvania, rural, but not too remote. Rebersburg, PA is 45 minutes from either State College (Penn State) to the West and Lewisburg (Bucknell) to the East. Our valley is very agricultural with a mixture of about 70% Amish farms and 30% non-Amish (or ”English”) farms.

This experience might be especially attractive for individuals who need some reflection time away from the responsibilities of family, friends or the job / job search.  We are a woman-run farm and, as such, our farm is especially comfortable for women needing “alone-time” or wanting to spend quality-time with one other special person (your teenager? your partner? your best friend?).

Guests have the option of spending time about the farm with us farmer-types or hermiting yourself away – as you wish.  The grounds are fully open to you, including the garden, bonfire ring, picnic areas, hammock and barn verandah.

Click here for a map of our area to check out activities in our area…

Season: For 2019, availability starts Friday May 12 and, weather permitting, runs through Friday October 10.

For more info or reservations call (814) 349-2697 or email us

Description of The Cottage

A small three room, open-layout cottage with attached porch. Kitchenette has double sink, microwave, small fridge and single burner propane “stove”.  Bed is a custom built “captain’s bed” with storage underneath. Sleeps one most comfortably but two if you are really friendly!  There is also a futon that functions as a couch that can sleep 2. Tents outside are also an option. Bathroom is equipped with a full shower, sink and composting toilet. (Don’t worry, it isn’t weird or stinky!!)

Stay Options and Costs

Two- or Three-night weekend option:
2pm Fridays through 2pm Sunday or 11am Monday;
$90 per night*

Four-night weekday option:
2pm Monday through 11am Friday;
$75 per night*

Full Week:
2pm Monday through 11am the following Monday;
$70 per night*

* All options are for one to two people only. Please let us know if there will be more than 2 adults. Extra people ($20 a night) can pitch a tent next to the cottage.

**Check or Cash Only*

We Provide
Bedding & towels, hammocks, picnic tables, bonfire area with firewood.

We also have a canoe you can borrow if you have roof racks on your vehicle.

For more info or reservations call (814) 349-2697 or email us

What to Expect

The environment
The Cottage is tucked away in a corner on our working farm, fairly close to the farmhouse but visually quite secluded. There are the usual comings and goings of farm life.  We are 1/2 mile away from the main road, so it is usually very quiet at night. On some occasions (early Spring and late fall) it can be stinky because our neighbors spread manure on their farm fields during that time.  We cannot exactly predict when that will happen – a fact of farm life! From The Cottage, you can go on several bike routes (easy or hard), visit RB Winter State Park (10 minutes), or wander over to Millheim (10 minutes) to the art gallery, pub, pizzeria, restaurant, coffee shop, antique stores, outfitter and more. See our map of things to do for more options.

Cell phones / Internet / TV
We have good cell phone reception and but are currently lacking internet service. The Cottage does not have a TV.

We don’t mind WELL-BEHAVED dogs. Since we have cats, chickens, cows, etc. we cannot have dogs chasing, eating and/or barking at everything. Pets must be supervised outside and in and also must not eat/shred the furniture! Please no cats.

Our dog–-we have a small, yappy alarm dog.  She will bark at you when you arrive, but is otherwise harmless.

See above ;-). This is a great place for kids, but farms also have inherent safety issues. We are happy to show everyone around, but cannot keep an eye on your kids.

For more info or reservations call (814) 349-2697 or email us


We think you will like this if:
You enjoy quiet, farmland, the outdoors, camping etc. and just need the simple comforts (hot shower, comfy bed, small kitchenette for tea, coffee, snacks). If you like to read, paint, compose/play music, write, swing in a hammock looking up into the willow tree, picnic, walk barefoot in the cool garden soil, stargaze, or sit by a campfire at night.

We think you might not like this if:
You need external entertainment of the electronic kind, don’t care for farmland and all that occasionally goes with it—some machinery noises, dust, smells, quiet, dark nights.

For more info or reservations call (814) 349-2697 or email us