Fresh Chicken & Turkey Pre-orders

To order whole or split fresh chickens please fill out our chicken order form:

Product & Price List

Loin roast8.00
Shoulder roast8.00
Fresh shank = unsmoked ham hock6.50
Ground pork8.00
Pork chops boneless9.50
Pork chops bone-in8.50
Pork cubes8.50
Pork loin kebabs9.00
Spare ribs
(roughly 1# packs; 2 cut pieces each)
Lard (pint or quart)3.50
CURED & SMOKED PORK CUTS(all no-nitrate) 
Canadian bacon & bacon ends12.50
Regular bacon = bacon ends10.50
Ham hocks6.50
Boneless daisy hams (seasonally)9.00
Andouille (smoked or fresh)9.00
Natural Breakfast (loose only)9.00
Chorizo (Smoked or Fresh-Loose or Link)9.00
Currywurst (Loose or Link)9.00
Hot Italian (Loose or Link)9.00
Mild Italian (Loose or Link)9.00
Kielbasa (Smoked or Fresh)9.00
Old World**9.00
Savory** (Loose or Link)9.00
Frozen whole4.65
Frozen split4.65
Frozen half4.65
Chicken Feet, in “season” (May–Oct) 3.50
Turkey Bone Broth (Quart)6.00
Turkey “Soup Fixin’s” ( Quart-Turkey broth with some shredded turkey meat to get your soup off on the right foot)8.00
Ground turkey12.00
Turkey sausage15.00

If you would like a lot of any particular item or lots of items, please contact Lyn in advance so she can bring what you need.

What’s In Our Sausages and Hot Dogs?

Our pork hot dogs and pork and turkey sausages are 100% meat – NO MSG, NO fillers, NO gluten, NO nitrates, NO preservatives.

Pork Sausages

Andouille — smoked or fresh
Salt, pepper (red, white, black), coriander, oregano, chili pepper, dehydrated onion, garlic, beet powder

Bratwurst (Pork or Turkey)
Salt, white pepper, mustard, nutmeg, onion

Breakfast Natural
Salt, brown sugar, pepper, sage

Chorizo — smoked or fresh
Salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, coriander, paprika, evaporated cane juice, garlic powder

Coriander, red chilies, turmeric, cumin, pepper, fenugreek, salt

Salt, Turkish oregano, garlic, lemon peel, Tellicherry black pepper, marjoram

Italian (Hot)
Salt, pepper, paprika, crushed red pepper, ground red pepper oregano, garlic

Italian (Mild)
Salt, fennel, pepper, anise

Kielbasa – smoked or fresh
salt, marjoram, garlic, mustard seed

Old World(Pork or Turkey) Sweet paprika, salt, sugar, celery, garlic, onion, black pepper, parsley, dill seed, caraway seed, turmeric, bay leaf, marjoram, thyme, savory, basil, rosemary

Savory (Pork or Turkey)
Salt, pepper, coriander, basil, sage

Turkish Spices (Pork or Turkey)
Salt, garlic, cumin, Tellicherry black pepper, Turkish oregano, sweet paprika, sumac, cayenne red pepper, cilantro

HOT DOGS (all organic seasonings):
Pork, water, salt, cornstarch, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, mustard, sugar, garlic, onion