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Buying our meat

All meats are frozen and sold by the cut direct to customers.

For a list of our meats see the column to the right. Stock availability fluctuates. In summer, to order chickens please fill out our chicken order form file and email it to Lyn or hand it to her at one of the places listed below.

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Where to buy our products

Boalsburg Farmers’ Market — Tuesdays, 2–6pm, year-round

Spring, Summer & Fall — in the PA Military Museum parking lot on Rt 322Business / Rt 45
— at the St Johns United Church in Christ on Church St in Boalsburg

North Atherton Farmers’ Market — Summer, Saturdays, 10am–2pm

May through early October — in the Home Depot parking lot on North Atherton (Business Rte. 322)

Order Fresh Chicken in Season

From late May to early October we butcher chickens approximately once a month. These can be picked up fresh at Tait Farm on Rt 322 on Friday dates as specified on the chicken order form (click to see).

Frozen chickens…

…will be available at the Tuesday Boalsburg and Saturday North Atherton markets throughout the summer.

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“Natural” Meats -- What Do We Mean?

Seems like every time I turn around, there is something else weird being fed to animals. I already know about arsenic being fed to chickens. But, recently while reviewing Animal Welfare Approved Standards for pigs (see: http://www.animalwelfareapproved.org/standards/pig-2013/#20-breeds-and-origin-of-animals) we find that a product called ractopamine is prohibited under these standards. Really? But what the heck IS ractopamine anyway and why are “regular” pigs being fed it?? Check it out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ractopamine

Needless to say, we don’t feed this stuff.

Our animals are fed locally-produced grains (corn, oats, barley, soybeans) and minerals and vitamins. The chickens and turkeys are fed certified organic feed with these ingredients. The pigs are sometimes fed organic if we can afford it; or just locally-produced ground grains/minerals/vitamins otherwise. Either way, there are NO other additives, antibiotics, hormones, implants, heavy metals, or non-food substances etc. in the feed. 

Our animals are grown in small batches  = pigs 8-12 at a time; chickens 80-150 at a time; turkeys 80-120 at a time.

They have plenty of room and access to the outdoors during the spring, summer and fall.

Winter pigs are raised on a deep “bedded pack” of straw and sawdust under roof to keep them and the bedding and food dry and warm.

Besides castration of males, none of the animals’ body parts are chopped off (tails, teeth, beaks, other).

They are butchered individually by local butchers and products such as sausages, hotdogs etc. are 100% meat with only seasonings added. Cured products use a no-nitrate cure.

This is what we mean by “natural” meats.

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Fresh farm turkeys for Thanksgiving…

These will be coming up in the fall. See the chicken order form file for turkeys too! Orders will be picked up Nov 22. Be sure to order ahead.

Questions? Call (814) 349-2697.

See more info about our lovely turkeys on our Enterprises page.

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Price List

(please remember: the $ amount you see is PER POUND)

Please be aware that item availablity fluctuates.

Loin roast 8.50
Shoulder roast 8.00
Fresh shank = uncured/smoked hock 7.50
Chipped pork 8.50
Ground pork 8.00
Pork chops boneless 9.50
Pork chops bone-in 8.50
Pork cubes 8.50
Spare ribs
(roughly 1# packs; 2 cut pieces each)
Spare  ribs (roughly 1# packs; 2 cut pieces each) 5.50
Lard (pint or quart) 3.50
Backfat 3.00
(all no-nitrate)
Canadian bacon & bacon ends $ 12.50
Regular bacon = bacon ends 10.50
Ham hocks -- smoked 7.50
Boneless daisy hams (seasonally) 9.00
Ham slices (either one larger slice w. small round bone in middle or 2-3 smaller boneless slices per pack) 9.00
Andouille (smoked or fresh) $ 9.00
Bratwurst 9.00
Breakfast 9.00
— Natural (loose or link) 9.00
— Sunrise (link; or patties, fresh 2 per pack; or patties, smoked 4 per pack) 9.00
Currywurst 9.00
Greek 9.00
Hot Italian (loose or link) 9.00
Mild Italian (link  only) 9.00
Kielbasa 9.00
Old World 9.00
Savory (loose or link) 9.00
Smoked pork patties, 2 per pack (plain ground pork made into patties and smoked 9.00
Turkish 9.00
click here for order form
$ 4.25
Frozen whole 4.25
Frozen split 4.25
Frozen half 4.25
chicken feet, in "season" (May–Oct)  
Ground turkey $ 12.00
Turkey sausage 12.00

* To see a list of ingredients for our sausages, please click here!

If you would like a lot of any particular item or lots of items, please contact Lyn in advance so she can bring what you need.

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