What’s in our sausages and hot dogs?

No-nitrate cured meats

“Natural” meats -- what do we mean?

What’s in our sausages and hot dogs?

Our pork hot dogs and pork and turkey sausages are 100% meat - NO MSG, NO fillers, NO gluten, NO nitrates, NO preservatives.

All have spices of some sort and three pork sausages have some *sugar cane juice in them.


Pork Sausages

Andouille — smoked or fresh
Salt, pepper (red, white, black), coriander, oregano, chili pepper, dehydrated onion, garlic, beet powder

Salt, white pepper, mustard, nutmeg, onion

Breakfast Natural 
Salt, brown sugar, pepper, sage

Breakfast Sunrise (smoked or fresh)      
Salt, sugar, paprika, black pepper, dextrose, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, sage and thyme) 

Chorizo — smoked or fresh
Salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, coriander, paprika, evap cane juice, garlic powder

Coriander, red chilies, turmeric, cumin, pepper, fenugreek, salt

Greek (new!)
Salt, Turkish oregano, garlic, lemon peel, Tellicherry black pepper, marjoram

Italian (Hot)
Salt, pepper, paprika, crushed red pepper, ground red pepper oregano, garlic

Italian (Mild)
Salt, fennel, pepper, anise

salt, marjoram, garlic, mustard see

Old World
Sweet paprika, salt, sugar, celery, garlic, onion, black pepper, parsley, dill seed, caraway seed, turmeric, bay leaf, marjoram, thyme, savory, basil, rosemary

Salt, pepper, coriander, basil, sage

Turkish Spices
Salt, garlic, cumin, Tellicherry black pepper, Turkish oregano, sweet paprika, sumac, cayenne red pepper, cilantro

HOT DOGS (all organic seasonings):
Pork, water, salt, cornstarch, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, mustard, sugar, garlic, onion

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No-nitrate cured meats

Curing meats is a way to preserve them for future use (meaning keeping it from spoiling due to microbes) and to flavor the meat. There are lots of kinds of cures; dry cures with salt, “wet” salt brine mixtures, “corning” beef (salt and vinegar) and pickling with vinegar. 

Wet cures for hams and bacons are most common in the US. This typically involves soaking and/or injecting the meat with a brine mix containing water, salt, sugar and a bit of potassium and/or sodium nitrate.  (Some mixes also contain MSG.) Nitrates are what give hams, hot dogs and other cured meats a pink color. Nitrates are also stronger microbe killers than salt alone. Many people wish to limit their intake of nitrates, so we take our bacons, hams, ham hocks up to Leona Meats in Troy PA. They provide a no-nitrate wet cure and smoking process.

Ingredients of the brine: 14# water (~1¾ gallon) to which 13oz salt, 2oz of sugar, 1oz of clove oil is added. This quantity is enough to cure a total of 80# meat. Leona injects this brine into the meat and lets it permeate for about 3 days. Then the meat goes into the smoker. Depending on the bulkiness of the meat (ham vs bacon vs hocks), the meat stays in the smoker from 9-11 hrs. It is pulled out when the internal temperature reaches around 150degrees F.

When NOT using nitrates (which are stronger anti-microbial agents than salt alone), the cooling process of the meat is more critical in making sure bacteria do not have a chance to grow. This is why Leona makes smaller, boneless hams for us – the meat must to cool down faster. The first hr out of the smoker, the meat must cool down to 85 degrees. Over the next 5 hrs, the meat must cool down to 55 degrees.

To learn more about these dynamics, there is a great description of wet cures, dry cures, nitrate vs non-nitrate etc from Hank Sawtrelle at:

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“Natural” meats -- what do we mean?

Seems like every time I turn around, there is something else weird being fed to animals. I already know about arsenic being fed to chickens. But, recently while reviewing Animal Welfare Approved Standards for pigs (see: we find that a product called ractopamine is prohibited under these standards. Really? But what the heck IS ractopamine anyway and why are “regular” pigs being fed it?? Check it out at

Needless to say, we don’t feed this stuff.

Our animals are fed locally-produced grains (corn, oats, barley, soybeans) and minerals and vitamins. The chickens and turkeys are fed certified organic feed with these ingredients. The pigs are sometimes fed organic if we can afford it; or just locally-produced ground grains/minerals/vitamins otherwise. Either way, there are NO other additives, antibiotics, hormones, implants, heavy metals, or non-food substances etc. in the feed. 

Our animals are grown in small batches  = pigs 8-12 at a time; chickens 80-150 at a time; turkeys 80-120 at a time.

They have plenty of room and access to the outdoors during the spring, summer and fall.

Winter pigs are raised on a deep “bedded pack” of straw and sawdust under roof to keep them and the bedding and food dry and warm.

Besides castration of males, none of the animals’ body parts are chopped off (tails, teeth, beaks, other).

They are butchered individually by local butchers and products such as sausages, hotdogs etc. are 100% meat with only seasonings added. Cured products use a no-nitrate cure.

This is what we mean by “natural” meats.

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Price List

(please remember: the $ amount you see is PER POUND)

Please be aware that item availablity fluctuates.

Click here for a PDF version of our price list.

Strike through items are OUT OF STOCK.

Brown items are LOW IN STOCK.

Tenderloin $ 15.00
Loin roast 8.50
Shoulder roast 8.00
Fresh shank 7.50
Chipped port 8.50
Ground pork 8.00
Pork chops boneless 9.50
Pork chops bone-in 8.50
Pork cubes 8.50
Spare ribs
(roughly 1# packs; 2 cut pieces each)
Baby back ribs 7.00
Lard (pint or quart) 3.50
Backfat 3.00
(all no-nitrate)
Canadian bacon $ 12.50
Regular bacon & bacon ends 10.50
Ham hocks -- smoked 7.50
Boneless daisy hams!! 9.00
Ham slices & chunks 9.00
Andouille (smoked or fresh) $ 9.00
Bratwurst 9.00
Breakfast 9.00
— Natural (loose) 9.00
— Sunrise (patties, link, loose) 9.00
Chorizo (smoked or fresh) 9.00
Currywurst 9.00
Greek 9.00
Pork hot dogs 9.00
Hot Italian (loose or link) 9.00
Mild Italian (link  only) 9.00
Kielbasa 9.00
Old World 9.00
Savory (loose or link) 9.00
Smoked pork patties 9.00
Turkish 9.00
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$ 4.00
Frozen whole 4.00
Frozen split 4.20
Frozen half 4.35
chicken feet, in "season" (May–Oct)  
Soup fixin's $5.00
Ground turkey 12.00
Loose turkey 12.00
Savory sausage 12.00
Turkey jerky (1/4–3/4# packs) 8 for 1/4#

* To see a list of ingredients for our sausages, please click here!

If you would like a lot of any particular item or lots of items, please contact Lyn in advance so she can bring what you need.

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