CDT article about Over the Moon Farm selling duck eggs at the State College Indoor Winter Farmers Market

Check it out! Quack Quack Flan – CDT article about duck eggs with advice and recipes from Anne Quinn Corr. Oh, and the EASTER BUNNY needs to know, duck eggs are lovely transluscent WHITE! We also have the flan recipe on our Reviews page...

Come to the State College Indoor Winter Farmers Market to get some today!


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Over the Moon Farm is in The Local Food Guide!

Over the Moon Farm is in the current Local Food Guide!

Lyn is quoted in an article by Cara Aungst on page 12 called Changing the Way We Eat: Local Food Brings Healthy Eating Home.

OTMF has a 1/2 page info bit on page 28...

So check it out. There are a lot of great local food purveyors in our area worth supporting!

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Okay, wishful thinking but still...

Here is a picture of our firepit outside the cabin (which you can rent, btw) just as an antidote to this crazy winter weather we have been having...

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Snowpeople all over the place...

Snowmen of Sugar Valley


Snowman Philly

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Our Farm in the Snow

Lyn Garling went out in the snow to take some pictures of the farm...

Snowy bench

Chicken Day Crew!

Shed by the hoop barn -- what a lot of snow!

What a mess!

Our cow skull even has snow on it!

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Winter in Pig Land

Back last week when it was sooooooooo cold...

Everyone/thing is fine here. No frozen pipes (yet). Toasty in the house - I have the wood stove RIPPIN' hot. The dog is panting! Outside it sounds like we are at JFK Int'l Airport - when the wind comes through it sounds like a plane is taking off. Outside with the wind, the windchill meter on my little tool gadget said -22 degrees.

I went out to check on the pigs (fine) and it was zero in their area.

Chicken Day Crew!

But they were fine!!!

They sleep in a pile in the straw...

Sending up a periscope to check out what is happening!!

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Thanksgiving Turkeys 2014

Check out last year's turkey reviews from some of our customers... (and feast your eyes on a beautiful bird and accompanying gourmet meal, with a bonus Bacon & Chive Sweet Potato biscuit recipe!!)

NOTE: It is never too soon to order your locally raised pastured turkey! Click here to get your order form.

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"Down on the Farm with Lyn Garling" an article by Jennifer Zeigler in State College Magazine!

Chicken Day Crew!

By: Jennifer Zeigler | Photos by Jennifer Zeigler
This is a Feature article in State College Magazine's 9 to 5 section, November, 2013...

The turkeys sprint across the grass to check out the visitor, warbling their deep-throated greetings, sounding more like dogs than Thanksgiving dinner. They strut toward the interloper, flashing their tail feathers in an effort to impress. Heads bobbing, they inch closer in their curiosity.

The interloper is Lyn Garling — “Farmer Lyn” to her customers — who has owned and managed Over the Moon Farm in Rebersburg since 1998, keeping pigs and cows and chickens, and selling the meat weekly at Tait Farm and the North Atherton Farmers Market. “That’s enough to keep me off the streets,” she says.

Check out the rest of the article in State College Magazine ...

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Friendly helpers make chicken day possible and even fun!

Chicken Day Crew!

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The New Turkey House proved a fine camping spot

Sleeping with the turkeys

Three hammocks give us away at the new turkey barn

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The Super Moon at the Pharm!

Did you know it was a Super Moon? Check out this article if you haven't heard about it.

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Workshop Announcement from The PA Women’s Agricultural Network

Farm Tool Basics: Selection, Safety and Care
April 27, 2013 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Over the Moon Farm, Centre County

Perhaps we will do this event next year. Check again next March or April ...

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We are drilling a well!

Pictures! These were taken last February but the well has just been finished Nov 2013 ... Took till this past Nov. to gt the actual water line in, hydrants up, electric hooked up to run the pump (had to dig all the way back to the house) - the whole thing was an expensive proposition!!

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New Projects Spring 2013: Turkey House

Seems like every year we take on new farm improvement projects. This year’s (first) big project is building a new shelter for the turkeys and the occasional batch of chickens. Although they will still have full access to the outdoors in the daytime, predator pressure at night has become unmanageable in our previous system. We may still need to build a coyote and wild dog proof fence around the whole pasture. Meantime, the birds will have a great place to roost at night and we will be able to close the doors!

turkeyhouse1 turkeyhouse2

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New Adventures: Brazil Connections

You all know Farmer Lyn also has a job off the farm at Penn State College of Ag, Integrated Pest Management Program, right? That job leads some interesting places – case in point:

As an instructor for the class “Sustainable Agriculture and Development in Brazil”, she was able to tour farms and cities in S. Brazil with 20 undergrad students this March 2012. One of the connections made was with a sustainable coffee cooperative based at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza near Moccoca in Sao Paolo state (see There they grow and market high quality coffee under the brand “Bobolink Coffee”.

DID YOU KNOW?? Bobolinks are amazing birds that come up to our farm every year to breed and in the winter, like the smart creatures they are, they fly down to Argentina and Brazil! We would like to start an economic and ecological link w/ the Fazenda farmers for coffee franchising and bobolink conservation.

What do you think?? Contact Lyn for conversation & more info.

To see a short video of our stay at Fazenda see:


The Barretto/Croce family, owner-operators of Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza and Bobolink Coffee. Left to right: Daniel, Silvia, Marcos (w/ Ze), Rita and Felipe (w/ Toby)


Students and organizers on the trip at a coffee warehouse

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Past Events in 2013

PASA 22nd Annual Farming for the Future Conference, Feb 6–9, 2013
(Farm tour?)

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Events at Over the Moon Farm, 2012

2012 was an eventful year at Over the Moon Farm. Besides all the usual animal chores, haymaking and marketing , we focused on getting the new barn finished inside with bathroom, shower and semi-commercial kitched downstairs and meeting room upstairs.  The doors were barely on the hinges when groups started showing up!

Bike and Build stopover spot

Launching pad for July wedding in nearby RB Winter Park

(August 4–11) We hosted approximately 200 visitors on the PASA sponsored local farm tours (Local Foods Week (Aug 4-11) & Centre County Farm Tour (Aug 11))

(August 6) Hay Making by Hand field day featuring Soerd Duiker from Penn State Crop and Soil Sciences. 

(Aug 9) Participated as farmer panelists after a screening of "Fresh" a movie about the Fresh Food movement

(August) Barn warming party.

(October) We hosted 14 women who are part of the WAgN steering committee for their annual meeting to discuss upcoming projects and priorities for the coming year. The WAgN team was also planning for a a one day conference for Dec. 7, 2012. Your farmer Lyn was slated to be the closing keynote speaker. If you’d like to see what outrageous things she said, see it here (link)

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Check out this Nov 2012 CDT Article about Our Turkeys!

Click here to go the Centre Daily Times article about our turkeys!l

Photo by Christopher Weddle

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Barn Fire, 2006 

On a sleety, dreary Monday in early March of 2006, I was in a meeting about 20 miles away. Suddenly I was paged for an emergency call from home - come quick! The barn is on fire! WHAT????! Hurrying home as best as I could on the icy roads, my heart was beating out of my chest. The barn had our pet sow and her 12 young piglets inside. By the time I got back to the farm, there was literally nothing left of the barn, or the pigs. All gone. It was a terrible moment that haunted us for months and permanently altered the way I think about fire and taking precautionary steps to try to prevent having a fire. On the other hand, a week or two later, when we had the barn clean up day, I was humbled by the huge and diverse turn out of all our friends and neighbors from far and wide. Everyone showed up at 9 on the dot and worked steadily and quickly and by noon, the wreckage was cleared. I was so grateful and felt that the true meaning of "the farm" had just been made manifest.

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PA Association For Sustainable Agriculture (Lifetime membership)

Friends and Farmers Coop
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Healthy Harvest CSA
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Tait Farm Foods
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Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program (YES!)

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Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

PASA works to bring farmers together to learn from each other, and to build relationships between those farmers and consumers looking for fresh, wholesome, locally and sustainably produced food.

As the largest statewide, member-based sustainable farming organization in the United States, we seek to improve the economic viability, environmental soundness and social responsibility of food and farming systems in Pennsylvania and across the country. We place great value on efforts to build bridges between broadly diverse participants in the agricultural industry, from "farm to fork."

Local Harvest

Use the Local Harvest website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies. Want to support this great web site? Shop in our catalog for things you can't find locally!

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Founded in 1992, Citizens for Health is a non-profit organization that provides over 100,000 supporters with credible and well-researched consumer news, action alerts, and opportunities to protect and expand access to innovative dietary supplements, healthy food, non-toxic products and integrative healthcare.

Food Routes Network

Food Routes Network is dedicated to reintroducing Americans to their food – the seeds it grows from, the farmers who produce it, and the routes that carry it from the fields to our tables. FRN provides communications tools, technical support, networking and information resources to organizations nationwide that are working to rebuild local, community-based food systems.

Pennsylvania Certified Organic

Pennsylvania Certified Organic's mission is to "assure the integrity of organic agricultural products through education, inspection, and certification of growers, processors and handlers."

Ladies of the Lands

Ladies of the Land profiles four women (one of whom is yours truly, Lyn Garling!!) who once never thought they'd be in charge of a farm, but today raise cattle, sell goat cheese and harvest organic vegetables. With commentary from Carolyn Sachs, PhD, one of the nation's leading experts on women in agriculture, and Amy Trauger, PhD, founder of the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network, Ladies of the Land takes us on a journey through America's new heartland.

PA Buy Fresh Buy Local

Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local is an online directory of places and people and their goods. There are so many great reasons to choose local foods... and such an abundance and diversity to choose from. Our aim at Buy Fresh Buy Local is to make it easy to find what you're looking for... and perhaps more than you expected!

Women's Agricultural Network

WAGN has been providing education and technical assistance geared to the needs of women farmers since 1995. They work with established, beginning and aspiring farmers.

Farmer's Pal

Farmer's Pal is an international Farm & Green Business Directory

EatWild Pennsylvania

Few of us will go back to foraging in the wild for our food, but we can learn to forage in our supermarkets, farmers markets, and from local farmers to select the most nutritious and delicious foods available. EatWild has been providing information about the benefits of choosing meat, eggs, and dairy products from pastured animals since 2001. This year, founder Jo Robinson (author of Eating on the Wild Side) is providing new information on the website about fruits and vegetables as well!