Welcome to Over The Moon Farm!

Our 5 acre Farm in Central Pennsylvania is for SALE at Auction Sept 6!

Our place has many possibilities if you are looking to: 


97 Toyota T100 4WD ext cab, 5sp Standard, 3400 Four Cam 24 V6 engine w. 172,400 miles, tow hitch w. flat 4 wiring. Class 2, GVWR 6000 lbs. Custom aluminum flatbed (78”x71.5”) with two sets of wooden sides (low 17″ & high 41″). In good shape, very little rust, well-maintained, mechanically sound. Inspected thru 8/22. 

Sells at our farm auction on Monday, Sept 6 at 11 AM at 190 View Drive, Rebersburg 16872 (Centre Co). Call/text (814) 777-3341 for more info on the truck.


Please email lyn@overthemoonfarm.com 

Our philosophy

Our farm is managed organically. We use only manures and lime on the soil and feed the animals grains that are non-GMO and locally-raised and milled. Feeds do not contain “non-food additives” such as antibiotics, growth promoters such as arsenic, etc.. Animals are raised with access to the outdoors as much as possible given their ages, predator pressure and conditions of the pastures and weather cycle. The animals are humanely raised and safely processed at local butchers. You are welcome to visit our farm anytime and see all of this for yourself.

Meet The Farmers

Lyn Garling

I was interested in farms, ranches and the natural world since childhood, although no one in our family farmed. It only took me 50 yrs to get my own farm! In college I studied biology, ecology, botany, zoology and a couple languages. My studies took me to Central and South America where I studied tropical ecology, leaf-cutter ants and observed various types of farming systems. At University of California in Santa Cruz I worked as the coordinator of the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture for 8 years before coming to State College, PA. I began working for the Integrated Pest Management Program at Penn State University (see paipm.org) and also got involved with the newly formed Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA – see pasafarming.org). At PASA, I served as secretary for as long as they would have me. I also trained as an Independent Organic Inspector and conducted farm inspections for PA Certified Organic. During this time I realized that if I wanted to farm, NOW was the time. My joke was that the median age of farmers was 50 yrs anyway, so that was perfect! I rented some farmland for a couple years and then took the plunge to buy my own place. I have been farming at this site since 1998 while continuing to work at Penn State as part of the IPM Program.

Patty Neiner

I came to the farm in 2003 looking for a place to live. I fell in love with farming and so I’m still here. The location is very reminiscent of where I grew up in The Big Valley (Belleville, PA). At the time I moved here I was working as a Research Technician at Penn State and had recently graduated in Horticulture/Landscape Design (or as Lyn calls it ‘Landscraping’). I’ve since learned to meld my horticulture and landscaping into providing healthy environments for our animals and beautiful respite spots for the farmers. I have since worked at Pennsylvania Certified Organic as a Certification Specialist and Organic Transition Specialist. Through the farmers and others I met during that time I learned a great deal about farming and the value of local food. I have also worked at PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) as the Registration Associate for their annual Farming for the Future Conference. I met many wonderful farmers, interns, educators and service personnel that have built a foundation for my farming community. I presently work for the Pennsylvania Women’s Agricultural Network (PA WAgN) at Penn State where I organize field days, workshops, webinars (we call them farminars), study circles and other networking events with some pretty awesome women farmers. It inspires me daily to learn the obstacles women farmers face and the creative resources they use to overcome them. I am proud to be one of the growing number of women farmers in PA.

Patty and Lyn At Market